Eggs Byzantine

Heat pan, drop in fairly large sized dollop of cocount butter, saute minced garlic and fresh chopped kale – cook this for no longer than like 2-3 minutes. Avoid burning your food, please. Crack open 4 eggs in a bowl and stir them up with a whisk or a more sophisticated eating utensil such as a fork. Pour the eggs on top of the sauteed garlic and kale, and don’t walk away as you’re not finished yet. Don’t wait more than like a minute before mixing things up. Your total cooking time should be no more than like 3-4 minutes.

If they cook too long, they get harder in texture than they should be. Get a handle on cooking soft, albeit well cooked eggs. Keep in mind, Julia Childs used to do omelettes in under minute. Check out her YouTube videos to keep me honest here.

Bon apetite!



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