Okay, most folks know how to do this, but I have teenagers heading off to college, so this is for them and for any other folks that may not be aware that they should avoid using
pre-packaged, microwave “oatmeal” that really isn’t good for you.

Some recipes vary a bit, but we did it this way:

2 cups water
1 cup oats

Bring water to a boil
drop in the oats
Watch them bubble and roll! Wow!
Turn heat down to like 7 (of 10)
Stir … and again

The package says that it will cook between 10-20 minutes, so watch it closely around 9 minutes. Take a spoonful and do a taste test. It should be soft, not too chewy … Ewww!

Drop in your funky embellishments like …
Sliced figs, honey, rice milk, raisins, if hung over – a shot of Jameson.

Bon Appetite ~