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Preparation = 5 min
Cooking = 5 min
Consumption = 1-10 min, contingent upon hunger level, stoned-or-not-factoring, and other meal supplements
Recommended Accompaniment = African Peanut Soup

Cranberry Goat Cheese
Wild Caught Salmon, cooked
Table spoon Organic Coconut Oil butter
2 Cloves Garlic, crushed – try to use a garlic press, or chop finely
3 eggs, free range – use a fork or whisk to scramble eggs in a bowl, avoid using your fingers for this step

Sauté Salmon on 8 (heat setting estimate), 1 minute
Add garlic, stir and cook 2 min, stirring occasionally to avoid burning the garlic
Add scrambled eggs, pouring from your bowl
Mix the salmon, garlic and eggs together, stirring a few times
Add sliced bits of Cranberry Goat Cheese
Fold eggs over the sprinkled bits of CGC
Cook 1 min and remove from heat

As you get your dishes together to serve upon, remember the eggs are still cooking in the pan, due to the heat that is retained