Lebanese Irish Chicken Soup – GF


[Where possible use organic food. Why? Chemicals are not your friends.]
Preparation = 10 min
Cooking = 4 hrs.
Consumption Rate = Varies according to the heat of the soup, or – go ask your Mother.

Okay, I’ll give this recipe a shot.

In a crockpot …

Pour in a liberal splash of olive oil
Place a whole, free-range chicken
One can of lentil soup, cert. organic, if possible
Two cups of water
One can of garbanzo beans with the liquid, cert. organic

Cut up two onions, large pieces
Cut up two carrots, moderate size pieces
Crush 4 cloves of garlic and sprinkle that in
Liberal dose of Sea Salt, organic
Liberal peppering
Sprinkle on Organic Curry, go lightly or go crazy, depending upon how much you like curry.
The veggies and soup level should go right up to the top of the chicken.

>> Cook in a crockpot for 4 hours
Flip the bird after 2-3 hours, cooking it on the other side.
No, don’t reach in there and grab it! –
use a large serving fork and sturdy, large knife. Or if you’re a Mulligan*, two large sticks.

After four hours, take the chicken out,
cut up some tasty parts and toss them into your serving bowls.
Then fill your bowls with the LIC soup, beans, etc.
Squeeze half a lemon in each bowl.
Garnish with fresh ginger shavings -half a tablespoon at least.

Put the freakin’ chicken back in the crockpot, cover the damn thing, and turn on low until ready for more.
Or … turn crockpot off, let sit until cool enough to

Put the rest of it in a covered bowl in the refrigerator,
or in the snow,
or … if you’re a Mulligan, in your closet.

>> Feast. Enjoy. Repeat!

*As described in the Urban Dictionary, definition #10.


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