Eggs Byzantine

Heat pan, drop in fairly large sized dollop of cocount butter, saute minced garlic and fresh chopped kale – cook this for no longer than like 2-3 minutes. Avoid burning your food, please. Crack open 4 eggs in a bowl and stir them up with a whisk or a more sophisticated eating utensil such as a fork. Pour the eggs on top of the sauteed garlic and kale, and don’t walk away as you’re not finished yet. Don’t wait more than like a minute before mixing things up. Your total cooking time should be no more than like 3-4 minutes.

If they cook too long, they get harder in texture than they should be. Get a handle on cooking soft, albeit well cooked eggs. Keep in mind, Julia Childs used to do omelettes in under minute. Check out her YouTube videos to keep me honest here.

Bon apetite!



Mad Crazy Sweet Potatoes!

Yes, please cook them first. Then slather with Coconut butter, generous splash of sea salt, and to top it off in that most magical of ways – gently drizzle with fresh lime juice. Be gentle to your vegetable friends!

Un. Freakin. Believable.


Stabilize your energy, be nice to your brain …


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I read this book a few months ago, and have been following most of what it has to say – with incredible results! It has really enabled me to maintain consistent energy along with refreshing clarity of thought. I know there are a bazillion diet books out there, but this is really more of a how-to-eat right and feel crazy wonderful, book. The professional background of the doctor/neurologist who is the author, coupled with his cross disciplinary research, adds the sort of credibility one likes to see before altering your lifestyle and diet in ways that aren’t so easy to start with. Ultimately, it is the empirical proof that wins you over. How can you argue with feeling incredible!?


“The devastating truth about the effects of wheat, sugar, and carbs on the brain …”


Amazon – Kindle version:




Oatmeal from scratch – GF


Okay, most folks know how to do this, but I have teenagers heading off to college, so this is for them and for any other folks that may not be aware that they should avoid using
pre-packaged, microwave “oatmeal” that really isn’t good for you.

Some recipes vary a bit, but we did it this way:

2 cups water
1 cup oats

Bring water to a boil
drop in the oats
Watch them bubble and roll! Wow!
Turn heat down to like 7 (of 10)
Stir … and again

The package says that it will cook between 10-20 minutes, so watch it closely around 9 minutes. Take a spoonful and do a taste test. It should be soft, not too chewy … Ewww!

Drop in your funky embellishments like …
Sliced figs, honey, rice milk, raisins, if hung over – a shot of Jameson.

Bon Appetite ~


Lebanese Irish Chicken Soup – GF


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[Where possible use organic food. Why? Chemicals are not your friends.]
Preparation = 10 min
Cooking = 4 hrs.
Consumption Rate = Varies according to the heat of the soup, or – go ask your Mother.

Okay, I’ll give this recipe a shot.

In a crockpot …

Pour in a liberal splash of olive oil
Place a whole, free-range chicken
One can of lentil soup, cert. organic, if possible
Two cups of water
One can of garbanzo beans with the liquid, cert. organic

Cut up two onions, large pieces
Cut up two carrots, moderate size pieces
Crush 4 cloves of garlic and sprinkle that in
Liberal dose of Sea Salt, organic
Liberal peppering
Sprinkle on Organic Curry, go lightly or go crazy, depending upon how much you like curry.
The veggies and soup level should go right up to the top of the chicken.

>> Cook in a crockpot for 4 hours
Flip the bird after 2-3 hours, cooking it on the other side.
No, don’t reach in there and grab it! –
use a large serving fork and sturdy, large knife. Or if you’re a Mulligan*, two large sticks.

After four hours, take the chicken out,
cut up some tasty parts and toss them into your serving bowls.
Then fill your bowls with the LIC soup, beans, etc.
Squeeze half a lemon in each bowl.
Garnish with fresh ginger shavings -half a tablespoon at least.

Put the freakin’ chicken back in the crockpot, cover the damn thing, and turn on low until ready for more.
Or … turn crockpot off, let sit until cool enough to

Put the rest of it in a covered bowl in the refrigerator,
or in the snow,
or … if you’re a Mulligan, in your closet.

>> Feast. Enjoy. Repeat!

*As described in the Urban Dictionary, definition #10.

Cranberry Goat Cheese, Salmon Scramble – GF


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Preparation = 5 min
Cooking = 5 min
Consumption = 1-10 min, contingent upon hunger level, stoned-or-not-factoring, and other meal supplements
Recommended Accompaniment = African Peanut Soup

Cranberry Goat Cheese
Wild Caught Salmon, cooked
Table spoon Organic Coconut Oil butter
2 Cloves Garlic, crushed – try to use a garlic press, or chop finely
3 eggs, free range – use a fork or whisk to scramble eggs in a bowl, avoid using your fingers for this step

Sauté Salmon on 8 (heat setting estimate), 1 minute
Add garlic, stir and cook 2 min, stirring occasionally to avoid burning the garlic
Add scrambled eggs, pouring from your bowl
Mix the salmon, garlic and eggs together, stirring a few times
Add sliced bits of Cranberry Goat Cheese
Fold eggs over the sprinkled bits of CGC
Cook 1 min and remove from heat

As you get your dishes together to serve upon, remember the eggs are still cooking in the pan, due to the heat that is retained


Behold, food lovers ~

Make way for the bold, new dining experiences that are about to bless your life forever! May the warmth of your inner food sun elevate your consciousness, illuminating every careful step on this user-friendly path of culinary freedom. And so – cook forth, my Brothers and Sisters! Make the multitudes happy, warm and giddy with delight as they feast upon your succulent masterpieces. And as you sing your songs of merriment in your kitchens, campsites, and lakesides, remember this – no great food is ever forgotten when it is prepared with love and consumed with lust. Oh, Mother Earth,  we must …

prepare our hearts, minds and spirits.
Oh God …
oh Guests …
oh, Yes!

Amen, Namaste, and 好运!